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Site Reliability Engineer / DevOps (d/m/w), 100 % remote

As a Site Reliability / DevOps Engineer, you are the backbone of our hero team. You are responsible for keeping the company’s production applications, systems and infrastructure up and running. You work in a team with admins, service providers and developers and orchestrate servers and networks.


  • have extensive knowledge in network services, servers and IT systems in general,
  • Linux, Docker, Postgres and Redis are as natural to you as breathing,
  • have experience with different cloud services,
  • have always wanted to work on something successful and are convinced that the existing internet greats don’t even know what scaling means,
  • are a hero or heroine in what you do,

then you should drop whatever you are doing and apply right now! (Unless you are Batman – then you should definitely keep doing what you are doing!).


You have all the freedom you want when you do your stuff. You bring drive and the urge to grow beyond your current self. That’s your part. In return, you can flexibly manage your work and work hours.

You can develop your skills in areas that interest you. And we’ll give you everything you need to grow both as a DevOps developer and as an individual. Ask and you shall receive.


In 2013, the first heroes came together to pool their superpowers and create a SaaS platform. Now plenigo is a successful subscription management platform with large and well-known customers and a team of heroes.

To become better and faster, plenigo continues to look for heroes who want to turn a damn good cloud platform into the world’s best cloud platform.


Interested but afraid of not having a suitable cape? Don’t worry! In the abundance of different tasks, we don’t care what your superhero suit looks like. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing your heroic deeds in a suit or in jeans and a t-shirt: we want you to feel comfortable with us and to stay true to yourself!

If the job appeals to you, we look forward to receiving your application including cover letter and curriculum vitae.

Simply send an e-mail to

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